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A unique Industrial warehouse space boasting 3,500 Sq ft of usable space with authentic up to 10 metre high vaulted ceilings trusses. 


The venue provides an unequalled blank canvas space offering flexible space for large-scale creative expression and experimentation.


Features include white gallery brick walls, concrete grey floor and vaulted blacked out skylights. Provides an inspiring industrial blank canvas for photoshoots, filming and events. The space can be also be fully transformed and is perfect for large scale builds, immersive experiences and sound. The space cane be hired for corporate and private events. Terms and conditions apply.

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Interacting with the artistic community and raising the profile of creative local talent
We welcome funding from institutions, art foundations, and private companies in helping to support and provide resources for artists when using our space to showcase their work.

We have established an independent artists initiative sponsored by Prahlad Bubbar Gallery.
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