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‘With even the slightest of interventions or even a closer look, the most impermeable and severe looking materials reveal their organic and soft aspect. I highlight that with gold’

Christine Takengny
The Roden Senior Curator, Museum Acquisitions

Contemporary Art Society

 Giant crescent shaped scaffold wrap is illuminated from behind so the shadows of ladders and scaffolding create a tableau across it. It’s imposing and it’s designed to be so that we’re hit with the immense scale of development that is so common across London. 

At the gallery's contemporary art space Unit 7, in North London, are Shubha Taparia's beautiful new works from her series 'Illumination', delicate but powerful sculptures combining industrial tarp and gold leaf.

Shubha Taparia: Crescent. "... a monumental 18x6 metre sculptural installation in which she recreates the vivid scene that she witnessed of the Terrace restoration with scaffolding and wrapping materials theatrically lit up at night."

Shubha Taparia: Crescent. "It’s imposing and it’s designed to be so that we’re hit with the immense scale of development that is so common across London."

Tabish Khan

Art Critic - FAD Magazine

Shubha’s work explores representations of urban environments using permeable fabrics and construction scaffolding. Her practice also spans photography, performance, film, mixed media, sound, installation and participatory art.

Claudia Jacob, Kilburn Times

"Shubha Taparia’s work is a state of mind. One that reflects the ever changing nature of all things, and it does so with the awareness that there is always a permanence in the intrinsic transience of matter."

Nicoletta Lambertucci

Contemporary Art Curator, The Box, Plymouth

Shubha Taparia: Silhouette of an Unknown Landscape. "This will be in elevation, revealing the silhouette of everyday objects behind a giant curve of material – presenting her with another opportunity to diaphanously indulge in the ‘suspense of these interim cityscapes."

Jan-Carlos Kucharek

The RIBA Journal

Shubha Taparia: Crescent. '"... furthers her exploration of themes of transition and impermanence, specifically using the urban environment as metaphor for the human body and spirit."

Rupert Bickersteth

Architects’ Journal

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