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Silhouette of an Unknown Landscape: Shubha Taparia 
29th September - 28th November 2019

Continuing with her engagement with the sites of construction and redevelopment, Shubha Taparia again focuses on a tool that affects change. Through her new work with light, shadows and sound, she makes a scaffolding assembly her objet de désir and creates a site-specific installation. The structure that the scaffolding covers, an object of common knowledge in most cases, is unknown here and the process in turn becomes the goal.  Light flows through the scaffolding making patterns of light and shadows, the work is Inspired by such chance glimpses of Nature interacting with the manmade and creating a new sense of magical beauty, whilst reflecting its own transient nature. The light changes and the shadows disappear. The work attempts to bring a pause to the viewer. The sound, much like in our everyday lives, acts as a distraction and challenge to the meditative visuals. The work is conceived specifically for the site and will be dismantled after the duration of the show.

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