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Mohamed Monaiseer

Mohammed Monaiseer (b.1989, Cairo, Egypt where he lives and works) delineates mystical and transcendental concepts such as, alchemy, metaphysics and oral histories. The obsessive-like repetition observed in his works comment on the potency of a word or figure after it has been multiplied and reproduced ad nauseam. The shroud-like raw forms of fabric, canvas, and paper add to ethereal notions of parapsychology and the intricacies of human consciousness and spirit Monaiseer explores in his work. To him, this extensive handiwork is akin to rituals, with repetitions turning into meditations. His practice ranges across drawings and paintings that resemble a heritage craft with references of mystical and transcendental concepts of mind science and oral histories.


His recent solo exhibitions include Adrift in the Labyrinth of a Parallel Mind in Athr Gallery, Jeddah (2019); Taxidermy Dreams in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai (2019) and others in Cairo between 2013 – 18. 

His participations in group shows include Silent Rhythm in Unit 7, London (2022); Art d’Egypte: Reimagined Narratives at Moez Street, Cairo (2019); Naphta at Khuzam Palace, Jeddah (2019) and Nest in Riwaq Gallery, Bahrain (2017) amongst others. 

Latest residencies he was part of were the Delfina Foundation in London (2019) and La Place in Barcelona (2019).

Monaiseer received his BA in Educational Art and MFA from Cairo University.

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