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Silent Rhythm Closing Charity Event - Highlights
18th March 2023 4-6pm

What a magnificent and engaging closing event of our most recent exhibition Silent Rhythm.

A big thank you from Unit7 to the curators Nicoletta Lambertucci & Christine Takengny who led the conversation, followed by an informative talk from Vibhav Nuwal chair of Karta initiative. Thanks to the artists  Mohamed Monaiseer and Shubha Taparia whose work’s radically push boundaries between painting and sculpture through their masterly arranged interplay of coloured canvases and panels in red, green, black and gold, which set the emotional tone for the exhibition, and to the community at large for a wonderfully supportive turn out . 

Unit7 are proud to support the Karta initiative, a non profit organisation. The Karta initiative is aimed at helping intelligent but financially disadvantaged students in poor and emerging economies go forward in the world. The goal of the Karta programme, which has Unit 7's backing, is to ensure that bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have better access to high-quality education and professional development opportunities. It gives young people the tools they need to empower and make positive changes in their life by gaining access to education and resources that might otherwise be out of reach. The organisation supports its scholars to attend world - leading universities in the UK, Canada and India. 

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