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Photo London: Shubha Taparia  
Somerset House 2022

UNIT7 and Prahlad Bubbar return to Photo London this year with a powerful group of works from two photographers that have made architecture the centrepoint for discussion about the man-made environment, as well as the transitional effect of light and colour on the texture and human dimension of buildings.

Shubha Taparia the conceptual artist's work in multiple mediums stands out for its ability to capture a changing urban environment and the imprint humans leave on their cities and buildings. In either monochrome studies of the small details of large installation works or in medium-format photography of urban construction sites retouched with gold-leaf, Taparia brings a touch of revelation to the mechanical and solid environments that compose our daily lives.


The monochrome photographs here are the close-up details of Taparia’s most recent work ‘Crescent’ at UNIT 7, a monumental sculptural installation constituting scaffolding elements, geotextile membrane and light. She explores the material force of these different elements and brings us into contact with the delicate latticework that functions at the heart of every intricate construction.

Her medium-format work, where an image of a transitional urban construction site is brought into sharp focus by the application of a touch of gold leaf, reveals a glowing and timeless element. The presentation will be accompanied by the latest publication on her work with contributions by Nicoletta Lambertucci, Matreyi Maheshwari and Prahlad Bubbar. Taparia’s work has been featured in the RIBA Journal and Architect’s Journal, among others. In March 2022 she was shortlisted for the Gladstone Park public art commission.

Photo London 2022 UNIT 7 / Prahlad Bubbar Stand W11, West Wing

12–15 May 2022, at Somerset House Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Preview Day: Wednesday, 11 May, 12–9 pm

Public days: Thursday, 12 May 12–9 pm Friday, 13 & Saturday, 14 May, 12–7 pm Sunday, 15 May, 12–6.30 pm

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