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Unit 7, an innovative art space established in 2018, aims to showcase bold and cutting-edge exhibitions and events that represent the dynamic and diverse nature of contemporary art. By fostering collaboration and dialogue within the artistic community, Unit 7 provides a platform for emerging and established artists from different backgrounds and mediums to display their creative talents. The space explores a wide range of artistic expressions and addresses thought-provoking issues, inspiring and challenging its audience.

Located in Brent, a culturally rich area with a multitude of histories and voices, Unit 7 serves as a collaborative hub for artists and the wider community. Its goal is to bring art to the people and dismantle the notion of art being confined to a pedestal. Housed in a former Rolls-Royce factory warehouse in North West London's industrial centre, Unit 7 is surrounded by artists' workshops, creating a natural environment for artistic exploration and creativity. With its flexible space that encourages large-scale creative expression and experimentation, Unit7 invites interdisciplinary artists and curators to collaborate and create engaging experiences for all.  


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The space lends itself to large scale installations.

Film screenings / Photographic projects / Performances and creative workshops.
Excellent acoustics and noise screening environment.
Adaptable and flexible partitioning for different projects.
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